The Classroom, Connected

Squarecap is the easiest way to track attendance, give quizzes, and stimulate discussion in class.

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Fast responses in large classrooms

Squarecap records student responses instantly so you’re never left waiting. Our application runs smoothly on any Wi-Fi network without lag time or high bandwidth usage.

Instant personal feedback

Turn large lecture halls into small classrooms with our instant student analysis. Students receive question-by-question feedback while teachers gain insight on classroom-wide and individual student performance.

Give every student a voice

Circumvent student shyness by enabling anonymous questions during class. Students can submit questions with a click of a button and teachers can integrate these inquiries seamlessly into lectures.

Sign in from any device

Students and teachers can sign in from any device, including computers, tablets and smartphones. With Squarecap, there’s no need for outdated hardware or time-consuming downloads.